Our Own Wedding: Bridesmaids in White?

19 08 2008

I am starting to toy with color schemes and other wedding design ideas.  For over a year now, I’ve loved black, white, and green as a color scheme.  Then I made a post about those colors.  That post is by far the most-viewed on this blog, and that color palette is popping up all over the web.  I’m not sure that I want to have the same wedding design as so many other brides.  Then again, if I love it so much, does it really matter?

Anyway, one of the other color schemes I’m considering is white.  Yep, just shades of white.  Maybe with a few hints of beige and gold.  I haven’t created an inspiration board for this scheme yet.  I’m planning a future mega-post, with a few different inspiration boards, to see my choices side-by-side.

Instead, I’m bringing to the blog the bridesmaids’ look.  I love the look of whites, especially when each bridesmaid chooses her own dress, of any style.  Evidence that this looks beautiful, courtesy of Jasmine Star:

Upon seeing this photo, I headed to my go-to source for dresses, Nordstrom, then to a great shoe shop, Zappos, to create this possible bridal party look.

It would be so nice and easy to tell my bridesmaids to find a white dress and a neutral shoe, and leave it at that.  I definitely plan on making things easy for my bridesmaids.  This can be done with any color really.  It is done a lot with black, and I’ve seen images all over the web with all sorts of different bridal party looks.  There really are no rules anymore, and I’m loving it!


Complements of the shoes

3 07 2008

I have always loved for wedding details to subtly complement each other… like when a bridesmaid’s dress has the same neckline as the bride’s gown, or when the cake has the same color ribbon as the invitations. I don’t mean shoes dyed to match the exact same ivory as a gown, with shoe clips made to perfectly match the brooch on the gown’s sash. It’s more about bringing a cohesiveness to an event, rather than matching everything perfectly.

In my feeds this morning, I found this wedding shot by Jasmine Star, and immediately noticed that the bride’s shoes are perfect for the dress. The pleating matches on both. I sized down the dress images too small, I think. You probably can’t see the pleating. Go to J*’s blog and view the gown up close. It’s a beautiful wedding that you should see anyway!

dress and shoes

A Next Exit Wedding: Ellen and Caro

17 05 2008

Oh goodness…another masterpiece.  I can’t look through my daily reads these days without finding something amazing.  I am a sucker for a bride in a colored dress.  Though I have to say, i wish the dress was BRIGHT yellow,  this is a beautiful wedding!  There are tons of images to see on the Next Exit blog, so I’ll just show you a slimmed-down version… go see the rest for yourself!

And I have one more thing to say… if you don’t know Next Exit, you are really missing out!  Go read the whole wonderful blog!

I just don’t get it.

13 04 2008

There are some so-called “fashion” trends that I really don’t understand. Ones that really are so unfashionable, yet are extremely popular.  It seems as if so many people wear them just because others do. Today I give you just a few examples.  

1. Guy Harvey T-shirts.  Why on earth are these appealing to teenage girls?  I can understand why a 40-something fisherman would want one.  But what gives them mass appeal?  I’m sure it’s partly a regional thing, because I haven’t seen them while on my weekend trip to Orlando.  However, you can’t walk through Wal-Mart or down any given street in Mississippi without seeing a few.  You see them on every age and gender.  It really bewilders me.  Sure, Guy Harvey has great skills when it comes to marine life art.  But on my shirt?  No, thanks.


2. Crocs.  I know that these are wildly popular and soooo comfy, but so what?  Why is most everyone overlooking the fact that they are HIDEOUS?!  Is it all the fun colors in which they are available?  Is comfort really so important that it matters not that your shoes look like swiss cheese?  I can be forgiving of them for those in the medical field, nurses and dentists wearing them with their scrubs.  They need that comfort, and pretty much all nursing shoes are ugly anyway.  Why, though, are housewives, teenagers, and middle-aged men all wearing them?  I just don’t get the appeal.

3. Sperry Topsiders.  These are the least offending of these 3 things, but still something I don’t understand.  Ten years ago, these were considered “paw paw shoes.”  Then apparently, someone said that they are cool and every high school and college student in America bought them, followed by their mothers and fathers.  I’m confused.  Why does the person who gets seasick and the one who hates fishing need boat shoes?  Furthermore, why these?  I can admit that there are a few cute styles, some turquoise ones and such.  They also make plaid ones in toddler sizes, which is pretty damn cute.  In general though, I hate these things.  Yuck.

Are you KIDDING me?!

8 03 2008

These black Christian Louboutins with the massive bows are TO-DIE-FOR. I would LOVE to see these underneath a wedding gown! It takes a certain kind of person to pull these off, but wow!

Thanks to What Junebug Loves! for bringing these shoes to my computer screen in a post all about shoes.

Ah, the wedding shoe.

5 03 2008

Awhile back, I posted about colored bridal shoes, and how much I love them. I especially have a fondness for red, and it seems I’m not the only one. I have been collecting colored shoe pics for quite awhile, and almost all are red!

Photo by Renee Broughton

Photo by Perspecta

Photo by Jake Holt

Photo by Kelley Photo

Photo by Whitebox Weddings

However, there were a couple of standouts.

Photo by Ashley Bartoletti

Photo from Offbeat Bride

No matter what color, it really adds a punch of sass and personality to wear a colored wedding shoe under all that white. Of course, you could always go with a colored dress…

Photo by Wildberry Studio

But that’s another post altogether.

A Misha Media Wedding: Betsy and Larry

5 02 2008

This wedding is completely cool. The bride and groom really let their personalities shine through, and I love that! I’ll let the photos (by the always awesome, INSANELY talented folks at Misha Media) speak for themselves…

(One more note… I LOVE any bride who wears the Hello Kitty bride bracelet by Tarina Tarantino, and any groom who wears chucks.)

See the rest of the Misha Media blog post here.