A Next Exit Wedding: Ellen and Caro

17 05 2008

Oh goodness…another masterpiece.  I can’t look through my daily reads these days without finding something amazing.  I am a sucker for a bride in a colored dress.  Though I have to say, i wish the dress was BRIGHT yellow,  this is a beautiful wedding!  There are tons of images to see on the Next Exit blog, so I’ll just show you a slimmed-down version… go see the rest for yourself!

And I have one more thing to say… if you don’t know Next Exit, you are really missing out!  Go read the whole wonderful blog!




4 responses

21 05 2008

VERY COOL! This is a beautiful wedding and by far the most HIP one I’ve EVER seen at the Viceroy in Palm Springs. The bride has it! when it comes to taste and style.

25 05 2008
cat from nextexit

Thanks so much for featuring this wedding! I thought it was so beautiful!

5 06 2008
Jessica Lynn

those images are beautiful! I am going to go check out their blog right now! thanks for the new reading material!

30 06 2008
Ellen and Caro: Blogged on Fire! : Next Exit Photography Blog

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