27 09 2007

I absolutely adore wheatgrass as wedding decor. It is at once whimsical and sophisticated. This is definitely simplicity at its best. And did I mention…. inexpensive?? When done right, wheatgrass can be quite the low-cost alternative to fancy florals.

Photo credits, top to bottom:

1812 Hitching Post

Red Photo Co.

Knottie PDXDFWbride

Knottie Nannersp


R. Jack Balthazar

For additional information, including how to grow your own wheatgrass, just Google the term wheatgrass wedding.


More blogging coming soon!

26 09 2007

I have been a very bad blogger. Seriously, I have been so busy, between work and going out of town all weekend. I have the day off tomorrow, and intend to get a real blog post up between cleaning the house and spending quality time with my son.

For now, a couple of pictures from the weekend, at my first Red Sox game!

And here, a man we were walking behind apparently raided his teen daughter’s closet for a pair of shorts.

(Ok, so the shorts aren’t that short, but still… too short)

Silk… Tulle… Toilet Paper?!

19 09 2007

I am absolutely amazed by an email forward that I received from Wendy, my best friend.  It seems someone (the email forward doesn’t say who sponsored it) held a big contest for toilet paper wedding gowns!  We all know about the TP wedding gown contests held at bridal showers, but this is WAY beyond that.

Below are the amazing winners…

Honorable mentions:

Third Place:

Second Place:

And the AMAZING First Place: 

Thanks to Wendy for sending this my way!

Got sole? These brides do!

12 09 2007

I’ve always known that I would wear a vibrantly-colored shoe on my wedding day.  When I was in high school, someone in my family was getting married, and I told my grandma and mom that I was going to wear red shoes when I get married.  They looked at me like I was nuts, and my grandmother said “You can’t.  They have to be white.”  I don’t know if I’ll wear red shoes, but I do know that my shoes will stand out!

Here is my mini-tribute to brides who rock their funky shoes.

photo credit Trista Lerit

photo credit Erin Hession

photo credit Knottie katielt.clay

photo credit Millie Holloman

photo credit Knottie MrsKurtz

Top to Bottom:

For anyone considering colorful shoes for your own wedding, do it!  It will be an awesome touch, and what better way to show your style?!

I know, I’m slacking.

7 09 2007

I haven’t made a new entry in so long, but I promise it’s coming! I am really busy with work right now, but have been prepping for the next post. It’s going to be a great one! I don’t want to give too much away, but it pertains to my favorite thing…. SHOES!