Complements of the shoes

3 07 2008

I have always loved for wedding details to subtly complement each other… like when a bridesmaid’s dress has the same neckline as the bride’s gown, or when the cake has the same color ribbon as the invitations. I don’t mean shoes dyed to match the exact same ivory as a gown, with shoe clips made to perfectly match the brooch on the gown’s sash. It’s more about bringing a cohesiveness to an event, rather than matching everything perfectly.

In my feeds this morning, I found this wedding shot by Jasmine Star, and immediately noticed that the bride’s shoes are perfect for the dress. The pleating matches on both. I sized down the dress images too small, I think. You probably can’t see the pleating. Go to J*’s blog and view the gown up close. It’s a beautiful wedding that you should see anyway!

dress and shoes




5 responses

3 07 2008


Also, I really like what you did with the whole compliment/complement thing. Nice touch 😉

3 07 2008
Rhonda Gail

I’m so glad you caught that. I worried that my wordplay would go unnoticed, or that people would think I used the wrong word. 🙂

3 07 2008

Your word play was definitely appreciated here! 🙂 And, yes, it’s the smallest details that make a beautiful wedding, extraordinary! 🙂

15 07 2008
sam sutton

I also love your play on words. i deal with brides all day and need to make sure that the whole outfit complements the accessories. Take a look at my shoes at

2 08 2008

I agreed with you

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