Photography Blogs

last update: 03.31.08

I am absolutely obsessed with photographer’s blogs. I used to have all of these bookmarked on my computer, and would go down the list daily (on dial-up!) to check for updates. Then my wonderful boyfriend introduced me to RSS feeds!

[note: This list is constantly changing, as I discover more awesome blogs.

Amy DeYoung Photography

Amy Martin Photography

Amy Squires Photography

Anna Kuperberg Photography

Ann Hamilton Photography

Anne Ruthmann Photography

Apertura Photography

Ashley Bartoletti Photography

Bebb Studios

Becca Spears Photography


Bella Vita Photography

BLR Photography


Boutwell Studio

Britney Photography

Bumatay Studio

Canlas Photography

Castaldo Studio

Chelsea Nicole Photography

Christine Tremoulet

Corsentino Photography

Davina Fear

Decent Urban Lifestyle

Delesie Photography

dMdC Photography

Doug Photo

Douglas Levy Photography

Eclectic Images

Elan Photography

Elisabeth Millay Photography

Eric Laurits Photography

Erin Hession Photography

Evoke Photography

Gene Higa Photography

HA! Photography

Heather Waraska Photography

Henry Chan Photography

Holritz Photography

Hy Studio

The Image Is Found

J Garner Photography

Jake Holt Photography

James Day Photography

Jamie Delaine Photography

Jan Garcia

Jasmine Star

Jason Cohen Photography

Jason Domingues Photography

Jason Groupp Photography

Jena Murray Photography

Jennifer Skog Photography

Jennifer Stone Photography

Jeremy Lawson Photography

Jesh de Rox Experiential Photography

Jessica Claire Photography

Jessica Strickland Photography

John Joseph Photography

John Karwoski

Josiah Kennedy

Jules Bianchi Photography

Justine Ungaro Photography

Juxtapose Photography


Kamila Harris Photography

Karla Fountain Photography

Katie Moos Photography

Kelley Photography

Kelly Moore Photography

Kevin Beasley Photography

Kristin Spencer Photography

Kristina Carter Photography

Laura Novak Photography

Lauren Clark Photography

Lauren Wright Photography

Lego Photography

Leigh Miller Photography

Life Mosaics

Liga Photography

Lindsay Janies Photography

Lori Barbely Photography

Lotus Photography

Mark Eric Photography

Maria Vicencio Photography

Marisa Holmes Photography

Meg Baisden Photography

Mel Barlow Photography

Melissa Breedlove Photography

Michael Blanchard Photography

Millie Holloman Photography

Misha Media

Mr. Stacey Photography

Natalie Moser Photography

Next Exit Photography

Nichols Photography

Nicole Green

One Love Photo

One Perfect Moment Photography

openField photography

OpenSource Photo

Perez Photography

Perspecta Photo

Red Loft Studios

Red Photo Co.


Roxy and Kai

Ruettgers Photography

Sagalow Photography

Sarah K Chen Photography

Sarah Maren Photography

Scott Photography

Shyla Photography

Something In Blue

Stacy Cross Photography

Steller Photography

Steph Carson Photography

Steven Myers Photography

Studio ATG

Susan Stripling Photography

Thomas Alan Photography

Thorsen Photography

Tim Will Photography

Tracy Kumono

TriCoast Photography

Trista Lerit Photography

Turtle Pond Photography

Vrai Photography

Whitebox Weddings

The Wiebners

Wildberry Studio & Design

Wreckless Photography


25 responses

30 08 2007
Erin Hession

LOVE your blog! 🙂 Thanks for linking to our blog!

15 11 2007


17 11 2007
John Karwoski

Thanks so much for keeping an eye on what we’re up to!

John & Jenna Karwoski

25 11 2007

Wow, thank you for including us on your list! 🙂

I wish I had found your blog when I was planning for my wedding…you have a lot of great inspiration here!!

5 12 2007

Thanks for including me!! 🙂

4 01 2008

Love your list! Thanks so much for including us on it!

We really appreciate you keeping an eye on what we are up to.

Best wishes and much success this new year!

Traci and Anthony
Bella Vita Photography

18 03 2008
Kate Mefford from Juxtapose Photography

Thanks so much for including me! I am honored!

24 03 2008

Thanks for including us! Geez, this means we better update more often huh?

26 03 2008

Thanks for having me on the list! I am going to have to use your list to add to my own. This is awesome!

25 04 2008
Jenny Stafford

Thanks for having us on your list! We love blogging!!!
Have a great day!
The Red Loft Studios Crew

29 04 2008
leigh miller

wow what a great list! thanks for including me.

1 05 2008
lauren c. openField photography.

thank you SO much for including us on your list…you’re too sweet!! : )

16 05 2008
Mr. Stacey & Yola

Thanks for adding us. New Blog, check it out!

16 05 2008

My goodness honey…. thats a LOT of blogs! 🙂

27 05 2008
coralee @ red photo co.

Thanks for adding me! Love the blog! 🙂

3 06 2008
Tanya Perez


3 06 2008

oh wow, thanks for including me in among the greats!!

13 06 2008
Stephanie Carson

You have so many amazing photographers on here!!
I’m honored to be on this list!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

21 06 2008

This is an amazing list of wedding photogs. I think you’d also really like , that’s John Michael Cooper’s website. Thanks for this list, I look at it almost daily.

3 07 2008
Brian Tsai

Great to see many familiar names. Thanks for including me!

17 07 2008
Chelsea Nicole

Very cool blog! Thanks so much for the link. 🙂

24 07 2008
Stacy Cross

Wow – thanks so much for having me on your list! 🙂 What an honor! Your blog is wonderful!

13 10 2008

Awesome blog! 😉 Thanks for including mine!

25 10 2008

Thanks for including me! The link is off though, it should be – thanks!

5 01 2009
Marc Matteo

This is a wonderful resource. Great job. There are so many talented photographers out there. I, too, love to look at other photographer’s work. It’s inspiring.

Marc Matteo
Marc Anthony Photography

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