More awesome online shopping…

20 12 2007

In looking for a lucite heart pendant, I somehow stumbled across Day Lab. This site is chock-full of neat finds, from vintage nameplate necklaces to voodoo dolls. Just a sampling of my favorites are featured below.

Click on an item to go to that page on the website.

Also, check out the “brother” site, Night Lab, featuring vintage comics and awesome t-shirts.


Check out this stuff!

16 12 2007

Ok, I LOOOOVE websites that feature unusual, hard-to-find merchandise. My favorites for years now have been Uncommon Goods and Red Envelope. And now, I’ve discovered Spoon Sisters, and I’m hooked!

They not only have really awesome gift ideas, but they’re also a great resource for party planning! I’m all about unique, and that’s certainly what this site is.

Here are just a few of the things I love…

(click on the picture to go to the page on the website)

A Year of Amazing Love

14 12 2007

Ring Shots GALORE!

10 12 2007

Well, anybody who reads my blog knows how much I love ring shots. In checking my favorite blogs this morning, I saw that The Image Is Found recently did a “Lord of the Rings” contest. Click HERE to see all 28 fabulous ring shots (some of which I’ve already featured)!

Cupcake picks!

5 12 2007

A few months ago, while browsing around on The Knot, I ran across Wileyswoman‘s bio, and instantly fell in love with the simple elegance of her wedding.  She had lots of wonderful ideas and you should click on her member name above and check out her Martha-esque wedding.

It has become popular in recent years to have a cupcake tree at your wedding,  in lieu of a wedding cake.  Wileyswoman had cupcakes as centerpieces, which I love.  More than that, I love her cake toppers, which is why we’re here!

Wileyswoman got her cupcake toppers (actually called “cake picks”)   from SugarCraft, and they’re the cutest ones I’ve found.  

Here is another option, from Plum Party

All that said, again, I urge you to check out Wileywoman‘s awesome wedding bio.  I just looked at it for the eleventybillionth time, and it never gets old!