Included on Alltop!!

29 05 2008

Thanks to photographer Christine Tremoulet, I’m included on the new wedding channel at! I have to admit, I’d never even heard of this site, but now I’m hooked!

Alltop, all the cool kids (and me)
go check it out!


It’s my turn!

25 05 2008

Well, it has happened… I’m engaged! I’m sure that once we start making some decisions this blog will become primarily my wedding planning blog. Who knows though? I may just do a spin-off.

Anyway, to the part you want to know… My boyfriend of almost a year and a half, Dustin, asked me to marry him Friday. I knew it would happen sometime by the end of the summer. I had no clue it would be this soon! He came in from out of town Friday evening, and I finished getting ready to go to my high school alma mater’s graduation. Dustin buckled my son into his car, while I ran to the back of the house to grab my cell phone. As I came back through the kitchen to head out the door, Dustin got down on bended knee and asked me to be his wife. I was stunned! He held the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. obviously, I said yes!

Behold, the bling…

Dress Shot: Eric Laurits

19 05 2008

I see countless dress shots in my feed reader every day.  I usually just glide past them, eyes glazed over, waiting for something to pop out in the set of wedding images before me.  That’s what happened with this dress shot with Eric Laurits.

Something about the light, the cross, and the dress combines to make a beautiful image.  A very powerful image, even.  I’d say this is my favorite dress shot to date.

A Next Exit Wedding: Ellen and Caro

17 05 2008

Oh goodness…another masterpiece.  I can’t look through my daily reads these days without finding something amazing.  I am a sucker for a bride in a colored dress.  Though I have to say, i wish the dress was BRIGHT yellow,  this is a beautiful wedding!  There are tons of images to see on the Next Exit blog, so I’ll just show you a slimmed-down version… go see the rest for yourself!

And I have one more thing to say… if you don’t know Next Exit, you are really missing out!  Go read the whole wonderful blog!

A Jonathan Canlas Wedding: Mandy & Geoff

13 05 2008

Jonathan Canlas is one of the few 100% film wedding photographers I know of.  He’s certainly the best I know.  One example…

There you have it!  One of the most stylish groups I’ve seen in awhile.  Those bridesmaids dresses are absolutely to-die-for.  Some of my favorites ever.  And her veil?  His sunglasses?  Yeah.

View the post in its entirety here.

why he does what he does is why i choose him

9 05 2008

Is that a mouthful enough for you?

Eric Laurits.  Photography Genius, and amazing, beautiful, cool person.  He is my favorite photographer.  Look through his blog, read this entry, and if you STILL don’t know why he’s my #1, email me.

I’m willing to completely blow my future wedding budget just to have him there.  He’s that good.

Wedding Colors: Turquoise and Red

6 05 2008

I have been in love with red and turquoise for a couple of years now, but never thought to do an inspiration board featuring it. Then I ran across a photo on Jonathan Canlas’ blog (photo of couple at center) a year or so ago, and wanted to build a wedding around it. Sadly, I have just now gotten around to it! Inspiration boards take me awhile to do, considering i painstakingly search for photos on my crawling dial-up internet. Also, I try not to just take photos from popular wedding inspiration sites and paste them together. I try to create a certain feel, and make you feel like you were at the “wedding” pictured.

I picture this wedding as being heavily stark white, with loud punches of turquoise and red in unexpected places. It is whimsical, light-hearted, and modern. I think this is my favorite board to date!

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