Back from the beach

16 10 2007

Ok, so I got back Sunday.  Only now do I have the chance to sit down for more than a couple of minutes.  My cousin’s wedding was beautiful.  I didn’t wear the hot silver shoes, because I changed my mind on what dress I wanted to wear.  Still love those shoes though!

Here are a few shots from my cousin’s red and yellow beach wedding.  I didn’t take as many as I’d intended.  Oh, and keep in mind I didn’t have a good view, and was using a little point and shoot camera.

Wedding details:

The colors were red and yellow.  The bridesmaids wore alternating red and yellow strapless, tea length dresses.  The red dresses had white ribbon tie at the waist, and the yellow dresses had red ribbons.

The groomsmen and groom wore white linen shirts and khaki pants.  Ushers were in yellow shirts and khaki shorts.

The ceremony was held on the sand in front of a condominium.  There were chairs available for about half the guests.  The altar area was marked by an arbor of sorts.  Simple and sweet.

The reception was held in a banquet room and on the patio around the pool.  Boiled shrimp and sides were located on the patio, and lots of other food was inside.  The outdoor area was decorated like a luau, and the indoor was pretty simple and classic.   Centerpieces outside were little grass mats, topped with a bottle of sand with flowers sticking out of it.  Shells were scattered on the mats.  I didn’t get a good view of the inside centerpieces, but I believe they were similar.  The couple also gave “message in a bottle” favors.

It was a lovely evening!  I’d love to relive it!



Hot new shoes!

5 10 2007

I went shopping yesterday for a few specific things, including shoes to wear to my cousin’s wedding next weekend.  I just had to share these awesome shoes from Charlotte Russe!

I know my posts have been few and far between lately, but I promise, I’ll be back with some good stuff soon.  Just trying to figure out a routine.  Next weekend is  the cousin’s wedding, and I’ll share pics from it when i return!