31 10 2008

I’m pregnant.

roughly 10 weeks.  Due late May 09.

excited, nervous, anxious, eager.


On a personal note…

20 10 2008

I haven’t been posting much lately, as there is so much going on personally.  I started a new job roughly a month ago, and it has me working such crazy hours that I am too tired to blog once I make it home.  Not to mention, I like spending the spare time I have with my fiance and our kids.  As I write this, my toddler [son] is asking me for a purse.  He likes to take old credit cards and receipts and carry them around in a purse.  

Anyway, I have lots of ideas of things to blog about, but don’t ever have the time to get to it.  Eventually I will though.  I have two days off in a row tomorrow and Wednesday, and hope to get some done then.  Of course, the blogging falls behind in priorities after laundry, errands, cleaning, and all the other things I have lined up to do on my off days.  So.. we’ll see.

There should be a big announcement coming Friday.  So definitely stay tuned for that, because I’ve been dying to let it out!  

Other than all that, I hope everyone is enjoying the changing fall weather (albeit VERY slow-changing in the south) as much as I am!

A Melissa Jill Wedding: Allyson & Jason

11 10 2008

Ok, I’m a known hater of all things purple, but it was used in such a wonderful way in this wedding.  Dare I say, I think the purple could be one of my favorite accents to black and white now?!?

This bride’s adorable look, paired with the gorgeous reception details makes for an amazing wedding!  The photography was by Melissa Jill, and I especially love the reception detail shots.


You can see Melissa Jill’s entire post about this wedding on her blog.

WeddingBee/eHarmony Controversy

5 10 2008

I don’t want to delve too far into this, because everything that CAN be said is being said in the wedding blogging community.  I just want to state that I love WeddingBee, and have been waiting for the stage that I can apply to be a Bee.  However, in light of eHarmony buying WeddingBee, I definitely no longer want to blog for them.  It remains to be seen whether I will keep WeddingBee on my reader.  I get so many great ideas and inspiration there, but don’t really want to support eHarmony in any way.  

Before this all went down, I didn’t even realize that eHarmony was anti-LGBTQ, with ties to Focus on the Family and with refusal to match LGBTQ couples.  Now that I know that, while I’m very happy for Mrs. Bee, and everything this means for her financially and personally, I just wish she’d sold to another company.