Our Own Wedding: Bridesmaids in White?

19 08 2008

I am starting to toy with color schemes and other wedding design ideas.  For over a year now, I’ve loved black, white, and green as a color scheme.  Then I made a post about those colors.  That post is by far the most-viewed on this blog, and that color palette is popping up all over the web.  I’m not sure that I want to have the same wedding design as so many other brides.  Then again, if I love it so much, does it really matter?

Anyway, one of the other color schemes I’m considering is white.  Yep, just shades of white.  Maybe with a few hints of beige and gold.  I haven’t created an inspiration board for this scheme yet.  I’m planning a future mega-post, with a few different inspiration boards, to see my choices side-by-side.

Instead, I’m bringing to the blog the bridesmaids’ look.  I love the look of whites, especially when each bridesmaid chooses her own dress, of any style.  Evidence that this looks beautiful, courtesy of Jasmine Star:

Upon seeing this photo, I headed to my go-to source for dresses, Nordstrom, then to a great shoe shop, Zappos, to create this possible bridal party look.

It would be so nice and easy to tell my bridesmaids to find a white dress and a neutral shoe, and leave it at that.  I definitely plan on making things easy for my bridesmaids.  This can be done with any color really.  It is done a lot with black, and I’ve seen images all over the web with all sorts of different bridal party looks.  There really are no rules anymore, and I’m loving it!




9 responses

19 08 2008

I’ve never seen this done, but I really like it!!!

19 08 2008
Abbie in CO

At one point, J and I had thought about having everyone wear white. It’s an amazing palette… and those accent colors would be perfect. I think there are some inspiration boards on Style Me Pretty and Snippet & Ink with that color palette.

20 08 2008
Ms. 122

i love the look of bridesmaids wearing white(ish) colors. especially when paired with really amazing, bright, and colorful bouquets!

20 08 2008

Yeah, please do it! I really wanted to but it didn’t work for our venue. It’s silly that people still believe that anyone outshine the bride. No no no no no!

27 08 2008
April Wilkins

Very cool idea. I think it would work great, especially for an outdoor wedding

14 09 2008
Amy-Jo Tatum/Bride Chic

All my bridesmaids were in white

8 10 2008

Hm I actually don’t like it.
I mean its pretty but I wouldn’t want to wear white as a bridesmaid before MY wedding. I would be feeling really uncomfortable and as if I jinxing in a way my own wedding. The first time I will wear white dress to a wedding would be mine and I would be the bride

17 02 2009

It’s your wedding, and you get to choose. However, there are only so many colors out there, and they have all been done before. Go with your heart…it will steer you in the right direction, and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing! By the way, I love the shoes you found!

4 05 2011

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