Knottie Wedding: springchic

29 03 2008

This is one of my all-time favorite Knottie weddings. I love modern, crisp weddings, and this is certainly that! After feasting your eyes on these beauties, go look at more of the photos, and definitely check out her planning bio for more ideas!


Knottie Wedding: Jasons-sunshine

26 03 2008

As promised, here is the first installment of knot bios I plan to blog.

Jasons-sunshine had a wonderfully chic and simple wedding. I love when someone can create a very clean, sophisticated style without it looking boring.

I love love love her simple ceremony decor, her hot ruffle-butt panties, and her florals. And that dress! See her bio for more details!

[wedding] Things I Love

23 03 2008

Witty wedding guests and clever response cards…

[belonging to WeddingBee‘s Miss LoveBug]

Tomato soup shots, garnished with grilled cheese…

[Soiree Special Events]

Concert poster Save-the-dates…

[Marit Hanson, as seen on Junebug Weddings.]

Binder clips holding escort cards…

[One Love Photo]

More to come!!

Free Rice

20 03 2008

I just found out about this site courtesy of a few different blogs I subscribe to. As a vocabulary/spelling/grammar geek, I’m loving this! Oh yeah, and I make a difference by playing. 🙂

Go Play >> FREE RICE

A Beth Beljon Wedding: Susan and Tim

19 03 2008

oh my. This wedding is astoundingly beautiful and chic. From the obvious things, like the petal-strewn aisle and beautiful setting, to the perfect details, like the groom’s cross pin-as-bout… This wedding is AMAZING. seriously.

And the photography! Beth Beljon really blew it out of the water with her classic, relaxed style. She captured these two in a beautiful, romantic light.

Thanks so much to The Bride’s Cafe for sharing this! Please stop by there to see more photos from this wedding and others, and to read the details about this one!

Moments Like This

18 03 2008

I just saw an image on Kate Mefford’s lovely Juxtapose Photography blog, and I LITERALLY burst out in tears.  It was an image full of so much emotion.  A really powerful moment caught on camera.

My boyfriend and I go back and forth (okay, more like I go back and forth) on whether we want to elope or have a small wedding when it’s time for us to get married.  For the most part, I’m all about eloping, but it’s moments like this that make me want to have the whole wedding experience.

View the rest of the post here.

The Groom’s Truth

17 03 2008

I just had to feature my newest favorite blog, The Groom’s Truth.  This blog, written by an actual groom, is HILARIOUS, and really gives insight into a man’s thoughts during the wedding planning process.  While he is witty and sarcastic, his love for his betrothed is obvious.  Reading his bachelor party posts, I found myself laughing aloud one minute, and getting misty-eyed in the end.  GREAT READ!