Two Years!

15 12 2008

Yesterday, Dustin and I celebrated two years together.  It is so amazing that it has been that long already, and even more amazing how much has changed in those two years.  In the span of 24 months, I flew down to meet him for the first time, we got engaged, I moved here to be with him, and now we’re expecting a baby!  

It’s good to be me.


So Thankful…

27 11 2008

Thanksgiving has long been my 2nd favorite holiday (behind Independence Day).  Since I was very young, my mom’s side of the family (super close to them) has held Christmas festivities on Thanksgiving.  It was a way to be able to combine the holidays, since our family is so spread-out across the US.  It was one week in the year when the entire family was together, and as a close-knit family, we relished in that.  August 2006, my grandmother, the epitome of a matriarch, the glue of our family, passed away.  The following two holiday seasons were extremely rough, and as we all kind of expected, our family traditions have slowly changed.  Without Grandma there to hold things together, things are changing, morphing, adapting.  It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something I have to adjust to.  For the first time, this year our Thanksgiving/Christmas tradition has changed.  Really, it has been cancelled.  My uncle’s father-in-law is really sick, so the family went to Indiana to see him.  Since Thanksgiving is held at his house, and his large family is such a big part of us, we just aren’t doing Thanksgiving.  So for the first time ever, I am in Orlando without any family.  I am here with my fiance, which I’m so grateful for, but even my son is in Mississippi with my mom.  It doesn’t really feel like Thanksgiving.  But rather than focus on all this stuff that saddens me, I’ve chosen to reflect on the things I’m thankful for this year.  I’m thankful for so many things, that I’m limiting myself to 5.

I’m thankful that I not only do I have a healthy, dynamic, and intelligent son, I have a sweet and loving little boy in my life who will soon be my stepson.  As if those two weren’t enough, I have another life growing, to join our family in May.  So blessed.


I’m thankful to finally have a job that I love and believe in.  I work for Eddie Bauer, a company that truly exemplifies what it means to provide a quality product and unparalleled service.  I am so proud to be a part of that, and to work with such beautiful and talented people.  It doesn’t hurt that it allows me to have great insurance and a salary I can get by on.


I’m thankful to have a family that stands behind me no matter what, loves me unconditionally, and supports me in whatever I do.  


I’m thankful that I have THE ONE to spend the rest of my life with.  Not only do I no longer have to play the dating game, but I actually found the right person for me.  We love each other in a way I wasn’t sure was actually possible.  I can’t even describe what that’s like, other than so say I feel so complete and so fulfilled with Dustin in my life.  I look forward to years and years of raising our children and making all our dreams come true — together.


I’m thankful that in these difficult times, at least I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and a job to keep me afloat.  


31 10 2008

I’m pregnant.

roughly 10 weeks.  Due late May 09.

excited, nervous, anxious, eager.

On a personal note…

20 10 2008

I haven’t been posting much lately, as there is so much going on personally.  I started a new job roughly a month ago, and it has me working such crazy hours that I am too tired to blog once I make it home.  Not to mention, I like spending the spare time I have with my fiance and our kids.  As I write this, my toddler [son] is asking me for a purse.  He likes to take old credit cards and receipts and carry them around in a purse.  

Anyway, I have lots of ideas of things to blog about, but don’t ever have the time to get to it.  Eventually I will though.  I have two days off in a row tomorrow and Wednesday, and hope to get some done then.  Of course, the blogging falls behind in priorities after laundry, errands, cleaning, and all the other things I have lined up to do on my off days.  So.. we’ll see.

There should be a big announcement coming Friday.  So definitely stay tuned for that, because I’ve been dying to let it out!  

Other than all that, I hope everyone is enjoying the changing fall weather (albeit VERY slow-changing in the south) as much as I am!

So I guess I’m a-Twitter-in’ now.

19 08 2008

I’m not really sure why I’m on Twitter, or what exactly it does for me, but if someone wants to follow me, please do so, and maybe I’ll start to understand.

Our Own Wedding: Bridesmaids in White?

19 08 2008

I am starting to toy with color schemes and other wedding design ideas.  For over a year now, I’ve loved black, white, and green as a color scheme.  Then I made a post about those colors.  That post is by far the most-viewed on this blog, and that color palette is popping up all over the web.  I’m not sure that I want to have the same wedding design as so many other brides.  Then again, if I love it so much, does it really matter?

Anyway, one of the other color schemes I’m considering is white.  Yep, just shades of white.  Maybe with a few hints of beige and gold.  I haven’t created an inspiration board for this scheme yet.  I’m planning a future mega-post, with a few different inspiration boards, to see my choices side-by-side.

Instead, I’m bringing to the blog the bridesmaids’ look.  I love the look of whites, especially when each bridesmaid chooses her own dress, of any style.  Evidence that this looks beautiful, courtesy of Jasmine Star:

Upon seeing this photo, I headed to my go-to source for dresses, Nordstrom, then to a great shoe shop, Zappos, to create this possible bridal party look.

It would be so nice and easy to tell my bridesmaids to find a white dress and a neutral shoe, and leave it at that.  I definitely plan on making things easy for my bridesmaids.  This can be done with any color really.  It is done a lot with black, and I’ve seen images all over the web with all sorts of different bridal party looks.  There really are no rules anymore, and I’m loving it!

Our Own Wedding: Change of Plans

13 08 2008

So, we (I) changed our (my) minds again about a small wedding vs. an elopement.  

We have decided that we (I) may regret not having the whole celebration if we don’t have it.

I’m very excited about this, and eager to put down a couple of deposits so that I don’t change my mind again!  Um, I mean, so we don’t change our minds!

As for the details, we don’t really have any yet… spring or summer ’09, 60 guests, lots of budget and DIY things going on!  Stay tuned!