14 11 2008

My favorite wedding images are not the ones of little details like a custom napkin ring, not ring shots, not those images of colorful wedding shoes… the ones that stay with me for hours, sometimes days, are the ones that so perfectly capture emotion.  Once in awhile, I run across these breathtaking photos on photography blogs and want to do something with them.  I can see this will become a regular feature on this blog, much like ring shots used to be.

From the wedding of Miki and Joel, by Apertura:

God, the image of the groom, Joel, watching Miki come down the aisle chokes me up.  What a powerful photo.

And from the wedding of Liz and Josh by Anna Kuperberg:

oh, there are NO WORDS for the image of the hands.  That would be a huge canvas in my living room if this was my wedding.  So much love just there in the hands.


A Millie Holloman Wedding: Megan & John

14 11 2008

Oh my gosh, this wedding seriously set my heart aflutter.  It gives me the warm fuzzies.  A little vintage, a lot of small-town feel.  Bold paisley tie, tossed pom-poms, tiny white church, a bride in her mother’s wedding gown.  I LOVE it.  And kudos to the ever-awesome Millie Holloman for once again blowing my mind.

Images by the talented Millie Holloman, found on Once Wed.

WeddingBee DIY Projects

15 09 2008

I am endlessly amazed by the projects that the Bees complete for their weddings.  Here are the latest two projects to impress me.

First is fortune cookie Save-the-Dates by Miss Dumpling.  Much of the reception is paying tribute to Miss Dumpling’s Southern roots, and as Mr. Dumpling is half-Chinese, the couple saw it fit to honor his roots as well.  I absolutely love the significance and the presentation!  

Be sure to check out the full post for project details and more photos.

The other awesome project is CD favors by Miss Pomegranate.  Now, I realize that CD favors aren’t exactly a fresh idea.  However, the attention to detail and awesome design of this CD warrants a little recognition for sure!

You’ll definitely want to read this full post as well!

Our Own Wedding: Bridesmaids in White?

19 08 2008

I am starting to toy with color schemes and other wedding design ideas.  For over a year now, I’ve loved black, white, and green as a color scheme.  Then I made a post about those colors.  That post is by far the most-viewed on this blog, and that color palette is popping up all over the web.  I’m not sure that I want to have the same wedding design as so many other brides.  Then again, if I love it so much, does it really matter?

Anyway, one of the other color schemes I’m considering is white.  Yep, just shades of white.  Maybe with a few hints of beige and gold.  I haven’t created an inspiration board for this scheme yet.  I’m planning a future mega-post, with a few different inspiration boards, to see my choices side-by-side.

Instead, I’m bringing to the blog the bridesmaids’ look.  I love the look of whites, especially when each bridesmaid chooses her own dress, of any style.  Evidence that this looks beautiful, courtesy of Jasmine Star:

Upon seeing this photo, I headed to my go-to source for dresses, Nordstrom, then to a great shoe shop, Zappos, to create this possible bridal party look.

It would be so nice and easy to tell my bridesmaids to find a white dress and a neutral shoe, and leave it at that.  I definitely plan on making things easy for my bridesmaids.  This can be done with any color really.  It is done a lot with black, and I’ve seen images all over the web with all sorts of different bridal party looks.  There really are no rules anymore, and I’m loving it!

A Ben Chrisman [city hall] Wedding: Erin & Chris

5 08 2008

I have always loved the idea of a city hall wedding.  I love weddings that focus on what is important, the ceremony itself.  That’s what you’re there for after all, right?  to get married?

This city hall wedding, held at the famously gorgeous San Francisco City Hall, keeps things simple…. and simply beautiful.  Photographed by Ben Chrisman, the wedding photos truly have the elusive factor we all want from our photos – TIMELESSNESS.

and my favorite shot of all…

See what I mean?!  The bride’s classic, vintage-esque style is amazing.  I really love this wedding, and these shots kind of embody what we are doing for our own wedding.

Visit Ben Chrisman’s blog!

Destination Wedding Invites and Moving Announcements by Wedding Paper Divas

31 07 2008

Wedding Paper Divas, one of my favorite invitation sites, has launched some new items – Destination Wedding invitations and Moving Announcements.  I was sent samples of the collections, and I have to say – they are quite lovely!  Divas truly makes some of the best wedding stationary available, outside of letterpress (however, they also have a small letterpress selection!).  

I received 5 different Destination Wedding invitations.  All are nice, but there are certainly standouts.

There is the Wine Country invitation (5″ x 7″), which I received in the color cabernet.  The color is rich, a lovely mix between scarlet and raspberry.  The vine motif and lettering are in white, and I love the contrast.  This would be amazing for a vineyard wedding or any wedding in the fall.  



The Seaside Elegance (4″ x 9.25″) came in wintergreen.  I like the polish of the white border, and the simple starfish motif sets the tone for the planned event.  This would obviously be amazing for an elegant beach wedding.   

I really love this next invitation, the Quilted Floral (5″ x 7″), which I received in the color basil.  It has a beautiful floral print along the top, with an inset text box, reading, “I ho’okahi kahi ke aloha” (Be one in love).  I also received the response card for this suite, which perfectly complements the invitation itself.  There is an inset text box on this card as well, containing the couple’s names.  This design was inspired by Hawaiian quilt patterns, and it would definitely be ideal for a wedding in the beautiful state.  


Another beach wedding option that I’m loving is the Palm Trees (7″ x 5″), received in chocolate.  With a rich brown border and soft blue background, the white palm trees set the tone, and the text contrasts nicely.  The stately palm trees really make this invitation, and it’s little details like a line of tiny dots underneath the names that make this one a standout for me.  The matching response card had the same layout, down to the dots.

This last invitation is my very favorite of the samples that were sent to me.  The Casual Beach invitation (5.80″ x 5.80″)is truly unique, with an almost abstract shoreline motif.  I love square invites, but beware of the extra postage required for mailing them.  I noticed that the nice people at Wedding Paper Divas note this is red type on the website.  This suite could work very well for not only an oceanside wedding, but lakeside as well.  I love it!  The simplicity is right up my alley.


Now, moving on…

Moving announcements.

For years, I have loved the idea of sending these (sometimes called at-home cards) not only in the case of marriage creating a new home, but also just for relocation.  I am a fan of sending a card for everything!  I love stationery.  

Wedding Paper Divas has launched such a pretty line of moving announcements with widely varying styles.

I received 5 samples, as follows…

The Fresh Start features your own photo and the ever-popular chocolate and sage combination.  It would be adorable with a wedding photo, the perfect way to get your first (or new) address as a couple out to your family and friends.

Second, the Moving Key is beautifully simple.  The antique key motif and scalloped edge of the blue area is adorable.  This would be perfect for anyone experiencing a change of address.

The Spring Tulips is perfect for a move occurring in the spring.  With spring being a time for a fresh start, and also a popular time for weddings, this would be ideal for a couple beginning a new life together in that warm, blooming season.   

Now, this Picket Fence announcement is seriously cute.  I love the picket fence and little red bird.  This would be great for any family or couple with a new address.

Ok, now everyone knows I love a damask print.  Naturally, my favorite of this collection is the Damask Bloom.  The rich chocolate background and blue damask print are a classic combination.  This is the most formal of the announcements I received.  Just don’t forget that square cards cost more to mail!


All the cards mentioned in this blog are printed by digital offset printing, on 110 lb. white cardstock.  The quality of the printing and the paper are amazing.  And let’s not forget, Wedding Paper Divas is extremely affordable, but you don’t sacrifice quality!


Thanks so Wedding Paper Divas for the opportunity to go through some samples and show my readers what they have to offer!

T-Shirt Save-the-Dates

23 07 2008

The always awesome photographer Justine Ungaro is planning what is going to be a really amazing wedding.  I read her wedding blog religiously, and was so happy to find yesterday that she finally graced the web with a new post.  She posted her completed Save-the-Dates, and they are so cool.  

If you suggested to me that I make t-shirts as part of my STDs, I would have thought you were nuts.  I would have thought, “who would want to wear a t-shirt with our names and wedding date emblazoned on it?”  But this shirt, fashioned after the famous CBGB shirt, is something I think people will actually wear!  I love it!