Ring Shots III

11 06 2008

Oh, how I love me some ring shots.  I’ve come to realize that I pretty much like 2 types…


And downright beautiful art, suitable to hang as a huge canvas above the mantel-

And this, my friends, is my absolute favorite one to date… both witty AND beautiful art-

Photo credits:


A Wiebners Wedding: Ashley & Nate

7 06 2008

The main thing that caught my eye about this wedding is the imagery, by the amazing Wiebners. As i’ve said before, I love when emotions and relationships can be felt in a photo. These are truly wonderful photos.


I know I used a lot of images from their blog post, but there are actually many more! Check them out!

Awesome bridal ink

6 06 2008

While browsing my daily reads, this one photo caught my eye:

meg baisden

Love this tattoo! Not only the message, but the type. if I ever get words on my body, I want this typeface!

Photo from Meg Baisden.

Dress Shot: Eric Laurits

19 05 2008

I see countless dress shots in my feed reader every day.  I usually just glide past them, eyes glazed over, waiting for something to pop out in the set of wedding images before me.  That’s what happened with this dress shot with Eric Laurits.

Something about the light, the cross, and the dress combines to make a beautiful image.  A very powerful image, even.  I’d say this is my favorite dress shot to date.

I just don’t get it.

13 04 2008

There are some so-called “fashion” trends that I really don’t understand. Ones that really are so unfashionable, yet are extremely popular.  It seems as if so many people wear them just because others do. Today I give you just a few examples.  

1. Guy Harvey T-shirts.  Why on earth are these appealing to teenage girls?  I can understand why a 40-something fisherman would want one.  But what gives them mass appeal?  I’m sure it’s partly a regional thing, because I haven’t seen them while on my weekend trip to Orlando.  However, you can’t walk through Wal-Mart or down any given street in Mississippi without seeing a few.  You see them on every age and gender.  It really bewilders me.  Sure, Guy Harvey has great skills when it comes to marine life art.  But on my shirt?  No, thanks.


2. Crocs.  I know that these are wildly popular and soooo comfy, but so what?  Why is most everyone overlooking the fact that they are HIDEOUS?!  Is it all the fun colors in which they are available?  Is comfort really so important that it matters not that your shoes look like swiss cheese?  I can be forgiving of them for those in the medical field, nurses and dentists wearing them with their scrubs.  They need that comfort, and pretty much all nursing shoes are ugly anyway.  Why, though, are housewives, teenagers, and middle-aged men all wearing them?  I just don’t get the appeal.

3. Sperry Topsiders.  These are the least offending of these 3 things, but still something I don’t understand.  Ten years ago, these were considered “paw paw shoes.”  Then apparently, someone said that they are cool and every high school and college student in America bought them, followed by their mothers and fathers.  I’m confused.  Why does the person who gets seasick and the one who hates fishing need boat shoes?  Furthermore, why these?  I can admit that there are a few cute styles, some turquoise ones and such.  They also make plaid ones in toddler sizes, which is pretty damn cute.  In general though, I hate these things.  Yuck.

Moments Like This

18 03 2008

I just saw an image on Kate Mefford’s lovely Juxtapose Photography blog, and I LITERALLY burst out in tears.  It was an image full of so much emotion.  A really powerful moment caught on camera.

My boyfriend and I go back and forth (okay, more like I go back and forth) on whether we want to elope or have a small wedding when it’s time for us to get married.  For the most part, I’m all about eloping, but it’s moments like this that make me want to have the whole wedding experience.

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Ring Shots III

23 02 2008

This post really needs no intro. On to the bling!

Photo Credits:

~ The Wiebners

~ Whitebox Weddings

~ Red Photo Co.

~ Millie Holloman Photography

~ Lauren Clark Photography

~ Kelly Moore Photography

~ Susan Stripling Photography

~ Castaldo Studio

~ bobbi + mike

~ Amy Squires Photography