Give it up for the comic geek in my life…

28 11 2007

My boyfriend’s comic blog, For the Love of Comics, is doing really well. His stats are always great, especially for a blog in its early stages! I’m so proud of him! I love how excited he gets when his blog has a good day.

If you know anybody into comics, pass along his link!

Oh, and a late Happy Thanksgiving from us and my entire family!




Ring Shots Part II

28 11 2007

So here I am, back with more glorious ring shots! I imagine this will be a frequent topic for me, as I’m always saving awesome ring shots!

I think this time, I’ll do a little twist on the post by trying to explain what it is that I love about each shot.

Without further ado, here is the art!

I love that the rings are on “war” cards, positioned in a stand-off. Very cute and witty. (photo by Studio ATG)

The lighting, the fact that the rings are on licorice… just another genius shot by Studio ATG.

I don’t know why, but the simplicity of a diamond solitaire on a fork is freakin’ awesome to me! All the white and silver tones make this shot one of my favorite ring shots yet! (Photo by dMdC Photography)

I adore how closely cropped this one is! It makes the whole shot! (Photo by The Image Is Found)

Again, love the close-ups and the capture of the inscription. (Photo by Jules Bianchi)

These rings nestled on a wintry branch makes me want to cuddle in the snow with the one i love! (Photo by Red Photo Co.)

In complete contrast to the other shots I usually feature, the vibrant setting totally makes these rings pop! I also tend to like when all 3 rings are laid out side by side. (Photo by Lindsay Janies)

My absolute favorite in this installment! In another amazing shot by the always-fabulous Susan Stripling, these gorgeous rings sit atop a delicate flower, and their mirror image shows in a mirror? table? This is really a work of art! If this was a shot from my own wedding it would totally be a gallery wrap canvas hanging above my sofa or mantel!

Keep it up, photographers! I really love these!

Modern, Minimalist… Spider Mums!

4 11 2007

My favorite flowers have always been tulips, peonies, gardenias, and yellow roses. However, I also never wanted a flower-filled wedding. I’m not really into flowers. Enter the spider mum. I discovered spider mums when I saw a bouquet in an uncle’s home. In the middle of the bouquet was a single, white spider mum. I instantly pictured this spiky flower in a bridal bouquet, and soon was thinking of using green ones in reception centerpieces. Of course, I’m not even formally engaged, so this is all a dream. 🙂

Anyway, here’s my tribute to this modern and beautiful flower!

Photos Courtesy of (clockwise from left):