LEGO wedding cake!

30 08 2007

This is something I just ran across while looking for something else. How neat!

Click here for more details and pictures.


Wedding Colors: Cranberry and Chartreuse

30 08 2007

Inspired by the beautiful Green cymbidium orchids, cranberry and chartreuse is an unexpected color combination. I picture cranberry bridesmaids gowns, lots of cymbidium orchids, and deep red roses. This isn’t quite an inspiration board, because most of the things I found were just floral arrangements. However, it’s definitely a great visual for inspiring this color scheme, first inspired by nature.

Credits, clockwise from left:

And for the crafty bride, here’s a great tutorial on making your own cymbidium orchid bouquet:

DIY Network


I’m always thinking of new ways to use green. I love that I get a raised eyebrow when I mention cranberry and chartreuse as wedding colors, but that people love it when they see it. So I love that it’s unexpected, but works so well together. I love these colors, but I probably wouldn’t use them for my own wedding. My boyfriend isn’t a fan of reds and pinks and there are so many other combos I’d rather use anyway! I still swoon when I see that bouquet I featured though!

Ring Shots

27 08 2007

As you may have noticed, I love photography. I check photographer’s blogs daily, and one of my favorite elements of modern wedding photography is Ring Shots. I love wedding rings and all that they stand for… the circle with no beginning and no end as a symbol for love, and the strength of the metal meaning that the circle can never be broken. I think that wedding rings make a powerful statement all on their own.

I could collect gorgeous ring shots all day long, but I don’t have that kind of time! Here are just a few that I love.

Shots that are taken with a printed memento from the day…

photo by Davina Fear

photo by Heather Ahrens

Shots in which the rings are seemingly placed on or in found objects…

photo by dMdC photography

photo by Erin Hession

photo by Lauren Clark

photo by Red Photo Co.

Shots in which the rings are placed on symbolic or meaningful objects…

photo by Erin Hession

photo by Turtle Pond

And finally, my favorite ring shot to date…

photo by The Image Is Found

The Image is Found has so many beautiful ring shots. I definitely declare them the King of Rings!

No More Jane!

27 08 2007

I was so sad today to receive in the mail a postcard from Jane magazine, informing its subscribers that the magazine will no longer be published. 😦 Jane has long been one of my favorite mags, and I’ll really miss reading it. For the remainder of my subscription, I will be receiving Lucky. Not that Lucky isn’t a great magazine, but it’s no Jane!


I’ve read some reports that subscribers will receive Glamour instead, but my postcard said Lucky.

I found a couple of articles with a couple more details.

Signature Red Soles

24 08 2007

I have a not-so-mild shoe obsession. My finances don’t allow me to collect them as I’d like to, but the moment I have extra money, I immediately start trying on shoes! I plan to one day have a shoe closet full of gorgeous kicks.

One of my absolute favorite shoe designers is Christian Louboutin… second only to Jimmy Choo. (I also have favorite affordable designers, which I’ll probably blog about soon)

Christian Louboutin has loads of classic daytime shoes that I would love to own. However, he also has some wicked evening and party shoes. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love a fun shoe.

I also love when brides wear a fun, unexpected shoe on their wedding day. I know I will!

Fun Shoes

(Photos courtesy of Net-a-Porter and Saks)

One day, I WILL own a pair of the red-soled shoes!

Wedding Colors: Black, White, and Green

23 08 2007

I love to color-coordinate things, and weddings are no exception! I’ve been known to see a bedroom set and say, “That would be great as a wedding!” When my boyfriend and I first discussed marriage and what kind of wedding we’d like, I fell in love with 3 different color schemes. I will share them all at some point or another.

Today, I share with you my favorite one… Black and white with shades of green. Not just any black and white, but crisp and modern floral and damask prints. What follows is an “inspiration board” for these colors. Inspiration boards are popping up all over popular wedding forums as a way to put together a visual of the colors and motifs in which the wedding will be styled.

Left to right, and top to bottom:

  • Black bridesmaids dress with green bouquet and bride with white bouquet. Source unknown.
  • Black linens with crisp white cake, adorned with wheat grass. Also from Knottie PDXDFWbride.
  • Black and white modern damask print. Google the term “black white Waverly damask” for home decor and many other cool items in similar prints.
  • Table cards with crisp green stripes sit atop wheat grass. Courtesy of Britney Photography‘s blog.
  • Green tie and boutonniere, source unknown.

Some fun extras/substitutes:

  • I adore this cake, minus the lavender layer. Red Photo Co.

  • These invitations are just as great as the ones in the inspiration board. Wedding Paper Divas.

  • And why not dye your crinoline green (instructions and other info HERE; pictured on Knottie violeta77) or opt for a green sash on your gown (pictured is that of Knottie bancbev)?

If you would like to see more of these colors, I have so many pictures, and I know just where to look. You may email me at

Edit: I have compiled a (growing) collection of black, white, and green photos here.

If you see something I have not credited properly, please let me know and I’ll amend it immediately.


I fell in love with the black and white damask print because it is at once baroque and modern. I love the drama of the stark contrast, and the fact that it meshes so well with simple, fresh colors and clean lines.

Since I am not using the fantastic damask print that I love so much for a wedding, I hope to find pieces for our home.

I really love these dishes and bedding from Target.

I hope that you have somehow been inspired! If you have anything you want to share, or think you have something to contribute for future blog posts, I’d love your input!

I have arrived.

22 08 2007

Hello!  This is my first real blog, one I’ve been dreaming up for months now.  I love fashion, style, weddings, and fresh ideas.  I’ve created this blog to pass on my ideas and discoveries to the rest of you!

I am starting a new job tomorrow, so I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try to update several times a week.

You’ll find in this blog:  fashion Do*s and Dont*s, wedding color schemes, decorating inspiration, and probably tidbits from my own life.

Be sure to read my “The Woman Behind the Lipstick” page, and come back soon!