The Most Important Part

2 06 2008

Somewhere between invitations and wedding cake, floral arrangements and favors, engagement rings and champagne toasts, lies the reason for it all… The ceremony. Too often, couples lose sight of what the wedding day is all about… the joining of two people. Even when a bride or groom is excited about the ceremony itself, they don’t usually give it much attention in the planning. However, in the end, the photos speak for themselves.

A good photographer captures emotion in a way that takes you back to that day. I absolutely love ceremony photos…he looks on the faces of the bride and groom, the tears of the guests. I didn’t attend these weddings, but I can still feel the powerful emotions, and I love that.




image is found

susan stripling

Image credits:
Evoke Photography, KGallery, KGallery again, Image Is Found, Susan Stripling


why he does what he does is why i choose him

9 05 2008

Is that a mouthful enough for you?

Eric Laurits.  Photography Genius, and amazing, beautiful, cool person.  He is my favorite photographer.  Look through his blog, read this entry, and if you STILL don’t know why he’s my #1, email me.

I’m willing to completely blow my future wedding budget just to have him there.  He’s that good.

A Beth Beljon Wedding: Susan and Tim

19 03 2008

oh my. This wedding is astoundingly beautiful and chic. From the obvious things, like the petal-strewn aisle and beautiful setting, to the perfect details, like the groom’s cross pin-as-bout… This wedding is AMAZING. seriously.

And the photography! Beth Beljon really blew it out of the water with her classic, relaxed style. She captured these two in a beautiful, romantic light.

Thanks so much to The Bride’s Cafe for sharing this! Please stop by there to see more photos from this wedding and others, and to read the details about this one!

Moments Like This

18 03 2008

I just saw an image on Kate Mefford’s lovely Juxtapose Photography blog, and I LITERALLY burst out in tears.  It was an image full of so much emotion.  A really powerful moment caught on camera.

My boyfriend and I go back and forth (okay, more like I go back and forth) on whether we want to elope or have a small wedding when it’s time for us to get married.  For the most part, I’m all about eloping, but it’s moments like this that make me want to have the whole wedding experience.

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Eye Candy for Everyone

11 03 2008

Taking in my daily reads, I found two posts of eye candy in a row. I decided to post them just for fun.

First up, from the sexy Eric Laurits, the beautiful Monique, who just really knows how to work. it. OUT!

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And from Shyla Photography, hot HOT Doug Levy.

Seriously? SO HOT. Love the ones with the tie!

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Ring Shots III

23 02 2008

This post really needs no intro. On to the bling!

Photo Credits:

~ The Wiebners

~ Whitebox Weddings

~ Red Photo Co.

~ Millie Holloman Photography

~ Lauren Clark Photography

~ Kelly Moore Photography

~ Susan Stripling Photography

~ Castaldo Studio

~ bobbi + mike

~ Amy Squires Photography

A John and Joseph Wedding: Jamie and Sean

13 02 2008

I have just been completely blown away by these photos. The wedding was so beautiful, and so elegant.. and the bride and groom are the kind you just want to stare at!

Just a very few of my favorites by the wonderful John and Joseph Photography

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