The Groom’s Truth

17 03 2008

I just had to feature my newest favorite blog, The Groom’s Truth.  This blog, written by an actual groom, is HILARIOUS, and really gives insight into a man’s thoughts during the wedding planning process.  While he is witty and sarcastic, his love for his betrothed is obvious.  Reading his bachelor party posts, I found myself laughing aloud one minute, and getting misty-eyed in the end.  GREAT READ!




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18 03 2008

It is an awesome blog! 🙂

18 03 2008

Any bride to be should read this! Its hilarious, and it tends to give a bit of a reality check. If you have started down the crazy bridal path and maybe a bit over the deep end, this reminds you of what things look like from an outside perspective. And, reminds you want your significant other is thinking and the craziness he’s putting up with. Read this, laugh, re-evaluate, and hug your love.

18 03 2008
Mike (thegroom)

Hey! Thanks so much for the nice comments. I really appreciate the responses to the site / blog and hope that at least for an instant it allows for us grooms and brides to take a step back and smile / laugh at our “wedding situations”…

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