Ring Shots III

11 06 2008

Oh, how I love me some ring shots.  I’ve come to realize that I pretty much like 2 types…


And downright beautiful art, suitable to hang as a huge canvas above the mantel-

And this, my friends, is my absolute favorite one to date… both witty AND beautiful art-

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The Most Important Part

2 06 2008

Somewhere between invitations and wedding cake, floral arrangements and favors, engagement rings and champagne toasts, lies the reason for it all… The ceremony. Too often, couples lose sight of what the wedding day is all about… the joining of two people. Even when a bride or groom is excited about the ceremony itself, they don’t usually give it much attention in the planning. However, in the end, the photos speak for themselves.

A good photographer captures emotion in a way that takes you back to that day. I absolutely love ceremony photos…he looks on the faces of the bride and groom, the tears of the guests. I didn’t attend these weddings, but I can still feel the powerful emotions, and I love that.




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susan stripling

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