Amanda and Christopher’s Garden Wedding

3 01 2009

The second wedding of a loved one that I’m featuring is that of my cousin Christopher and his lovely wife Amanda.  Amanda has been considered family for awhile now, and I’m so happy that it’s official!


Wedding City and State: Mobile, AL
Venue: Mobile Botanical Gardens
Photographer: Photos in this set by friends and family; professional images from Delenah Rule not yet available
Dress: David’s Bridal
Cake: Shelley Culodrovitch
Catering: Family



Tell us how you met.

We met through a mutual friend that was trying to get us together for over a year because she just knew we were perfect for each other.

Describe the proposal.

He proposed to me the night I graduated from college in front of both of our families in a great hole-in-the-wall Italian place that I love.

How long was your engagement? Was it too long, too short, just right?

Our engagement lasted four months.  Knowing I had a short timeline to plan really got me on the ball, but sometimes, looking back, it feels like a whirlwind.  I would have wanted a month or two more to plan.

Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?

I loved it.  You really learn how to be more decisive.

What was your favorite wedding detail?

My favorite wedding detail was putting together our vows.  Christopher and I chose carefully because we knew how important the words were.  He really liked doing that, which made me happy.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in planning the wedding?

One of my bridesmaids didn’t order her dress in time and couldn’t be in the wedding.  I was freaking out for a little while because I had already ordered flowers and we were going to be uneven, but then it turned out one of Christopher’s groomsman couldn’t be in the wedding either, so it worked out.

What went wrong on the wedding day, and how did you deal?

Right in the middle of my father/daughter dance, the music went out and we couldn’t get it back up again.  I was really upset because the music was really important to me, but the rest of the day had been so great, I worked past it.

Favorite moment of the day?

My favorite moment was during the first prayer of the ceremony.  We both closed our eyes, and Christopher put his head against mine to where our foreheads were touching.  It was incredibly sweet.

Was there a theme, mood, or certain colors you tried to incorporate?

My color was a dark purple called Lapis and a light lavender.  We had it in a public garden, and everything was very earthy and green.  There were big pillars in a circle where we had the ceremony, so we leaned toward a slight Grecian theme, but we didn’t overdo it.

Describe the reception food.

We had a buffet style dinner.  The food was homemade by the wonderful women in my family.  The food was put together so beautifully no one wanted to eat it!

Any special touches that made your wedding unique?

Christopher’s groom cake was a one of kind Nintendo cake (which we both love), and my music (if it had worked) was not your normal reception music.  It was very us.

Describe the wedding music.

The ceremony consisted of Ava Maria, Canon in D, the Lord’s Prayer done acapella, and a beautiful song from Pride and Prejudice named “Dawn”.

The reception would have been a lot of rock and roll, Dave Matthews Band, oldies, Indie, and all of my friend’s favorite songs.

Any advice for brides?

Make sure your wedding is completely your own.  Don’t let anyone try to decide things for you.  Ask for advice, but do what you and the groom want to do.  Also, try to involve the groom in it as much as possible.  It makes it more special.