Ring Shots GALORE!

10 12 2007

Well, anybody who reads my blog knows how much I love ring shots. In checking my favorite blogs this morning, I saw that The Image Is Found recently did a “Lord of the Rings” contest. Click HERE to see all 28 fabulous ring shots (some of which I’ve already featured)!


Ring Shots Part II

28 11 2007

So here I am, back with more glorious ring shots! I imagine this will be a frequent topic for me, as I’m always saving awesome ring shots!

I think this time, I’ll do a little twist on the post by trying to explain what it is that I love about each shot.

Without further ado, here is the art!

I love that the rings are on “war” cards, positioned in a stand-off. Very cute and witty. (photo by Studio ATG)

The lighting, the fact that the rings are on licorice… just another genius shot by Studio ATG.

I don’t know why, but the simplicity of a diamond solitaire on a fork is freakin’ awesome to me! All the white and silver tones make this shot one of my favorite ring shots yet! (Photo by dMdC Photography)

I adore how closely cropped this one is! It makes the whole shot! (Photo by The Image Is Found)

Again, love the close-ups and the capture of the inscription. (Photo by Jules Bianchi)

These rings nestled on a wintry branch makes me want to cuddle in the snow with the one i love! (Photo by Red Photo Co.)

In complete contrast to the other shots I usually feature, the vibrant setting totally makes these rings pop! I also tend to like when all 3 rings are laid out side by side. (Photo by Lindsay Janies)

My absolute favorite in this installment! In another amazing shot by the always-fabulous Susan Stripling, these gorgeous rings sit atop a delicate flower, and their mirror image shows in a mirror? table? This is really a work of art! If this was a shot from my own wedding it would totally be a gallery wrap canvas hanging above my sofa or mantel!

Keep it up, photographers! I really love these!