14 11 2008

My favorite wedding images are not the ones of little details like a custom napkin ring, not ring shots, not those images of colorful wedding shoes… the ones that stay with me for hours, sometimes days, are the ones that so perfectly capture emotion.  Once in awhile, I run across these breathtaking photos on photography blogs and want to do something with them.  I can see this will become a regular feature on this blog, much like ring shots used to be.

From the wedding of Miki and Joel, by Apertura:

God, the image of the groom, Joel, watching Miki come down the aisle chokes me up.  What a powerful photo.

And from the wedding of Liz and Josh by Anna Kuperberg:

oh, there are NO WORDS for the image of the hands.  That would be a huge canvas in my living room if this was my wedding.  So much love just there in the hands.




5 responses

15 11 2008

These shots are great! Pictures of grooms watching their bride make her up the aisle are definitely one of my favorites!

21 11 2008

These are such powerful photographs.

26 11 2008
Broke-Ass Bride

Those are amazing. I hope hope hope to have such beautiful photos on my day. We’ve scored an amazing photog, but I have ugly cry face 🙂

14 12 2008

Thanks for posting these images. The raw emotion captured is just really moving. Great imagery.


20 01 2009

Amazing pictures. A whole lot of honesty going on.

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