WeddingBee DIY Projects

15 09 2008

I am endlessly amazed by the projects that the Bees complete for their weddings.  Here are the latest two projects to impress me.

First is fortune cookie Save-the-Dates by Miss Dumpling.  Much of the reception is paying tribute to Miss Dumpling’s Southern roots, and as Mr. Dumpling is half-Chinese, the couple saw it fit to honor his roots as well.  I absolutely love the significance and the presentation!  

Be sure to check out the full post for project details and more photos.

The other awesome project is CD favors by Miss Pomegranate.  Now, I realize that CD favors aren’t exactly a fresh idea.  However, the attention to detail and awesome design of this CD warrants a little recognition for sure!

You’ll definitely want to read this full post as well!




9 responses

15 09 2008

Thanks for the shout out! It was an easy but very time consuming project! All credit goes to Mr. Dumpling!

15 09 2008
Miss Pom

Aw! Thank you! I’m so glad you liked my favors. Thanks for the props. 🙂

17 09 2008

Those save the date invitations are great! So unique and creative!

18 09 2008

I am making cd’s as well. Even though the idea is not original, I think these are one of best favors I have gotten at a wedding.

18 09 2008

I adore those cds…especially the pattern on the inside of the case. they looks so professional!

19 09 2008

Beautiful CD covers! I wouldn’t mind getting one of these!

20 09 2008
The Pissed Off Bride

I LOVE IT!!! These are so different. Unlike anything that I have been looking at.

30 09 2008

These are adorable, really like them

5 10 2008

I really like how the CD came out! It does look very professional.

On another note, I hope you don’t mind, but you’ve been tagged! Please feel free to visit my post,, to learn more.

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