Amazing Wedding, Quick Post

10 09 2008

There are times when I am too tired (lazy) to do a full wedding post.  This is one of those times.  I feel guilty about it though, because this wedding and its photographer really deserves a big post. 😦  it is really a unique and relaxed and intimate wedding, shot sooo beautifully.


Erin and Jeremiah’s wedding was shot by the FANTABULOUS Amelia Lyon.  Definitely check out the full post here, as well as the rest of her blog posts!




5 responses

11 09 2008
The Pissed Off Bride

Very nice pictures. I am noticing with the more laid back weddings, people look like they are actually having fun. Maybe because things are more chill.

11 09 2008
Jessica Lynn

omg that is a great wedding and fab pictures! love it. thanks for sharing!

12 09 2008

Wow, thanks for the shout out!!! You are too sweet! I’ll have to come back and see what else you’re going to post!

19 09 2008

GORGEOUS PHOTO! Must pop over to see more!

6 10 2008
pretty bride

what a gorgeous family!!

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