Fun and Games

8 09 2008

I love, love weddings that are relaxed, fun, and unique.  So naturally I love the idea of providing fun for kids from 1 to 92!  It is becoming more and more common for a wedding to have a designated kid are, whether it’s a table or an entire room.

I say why not take it a bit further…Pinatas, hula hoops, bounce houses!  Just a few pieces of inspiration…

The idea for this post came from this photo by Katie Moos.  I love the pretty castle bounce house and the huge balls!  How fun would it be to arrive at this wedding and see this lawn packed with fun?!

And further searching led me to roughly 70 cajillion photos of bounce houses at weddings.  Needless to say, this is becoming quite a trend.


[The bottom 2 photos are from the Wiebners and Melenbacker Photography. I’m honestly not sure where I got the first one.]

Bounce houses aren’t the only unconventional wedding activity I found around the web.  Here are a few other things I loved.

Hula hoops



And even hopscotch


Some wedding guests probably wouldn’t be interested in bouncing around or shimmying around in a hula hoop.  However, having these carefree activities around those people would spread the energy.  It would really put people in a festive mood!




4 responses

8 09 2008

That wedding looks like so much fun!! I have never seen anything like it, what a cute idea! Definitely a wedding that their guests won’t soon forget!

9 09 2008

Ooo have you seen the blowup church? Its grey and looks like bricks but it’s a blow up! So funny!

9 09 2008
Rhonda Gail

I have seen the inflatable church! I would totally get married there. I love kitsch.

2 10 2008

Drunkness and the bounce house = bad.

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