Our Own Wedding: Change of Plans

13 08 2008

So, we (I) changed our (my) minds again about a small wedding vs. an elopement.  

We have decided that we (I) may regret not having the whole celebration if we don’t have it.

I’m very excited about this, and eager to put down a couple of deposits so that I don’t change my mind again!  Um, I mean, so we don’t change our minds!

As for the details, we don’t really have any yet… spring or summer ’09, 60 guests, lots of budget and DIY things going on!  Stay tuned!




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13 08 2008
Starry-eyed Barefoot Bride

Just a thought – Spring vs Summer – depending on where you want to have it. If Spring tends to be a little chillier than you would like, go summer! If summer tends to be REALLY toasty – Spring it is! You can never bank on the weather, but make sure to take your guest’s comfort into account. I would have been fine with a Florida summer wedding, but many of my guests might have sweat to death or passed out. Just a thought to tuck in your mind somewhere.

13 08 2008

Either way you go you will have a special day. If you are doing a summer and spring wedding start looking for deals now. I am getting married in the spring and am finding lots of deals.

14 08 2008

Definitely do what makes you happy! We decided to go with a small ceremony too instead of City Hall. I think in the long run we’ll be happier.

14 08 2008

Well I already knew about this…but yay! I’m just super excited i get to be there with you:):):)

20 08 2008

My aunt and uncle eloped and my aunt always wished she had a wedding. So we threw her a surprise “wedding” (vows renewing) for their 25th anniversary.

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