[wedding] Things I Love

16 07 2008
  1. Roses in ice cubes.  Mostly meant for prettiness, I love this idea!  Chill the champagne in a bucket full of rosy ice cubes.  You could do this with any flower, of course.  Maybe even seashells, berries, acorns, or some other season-appropriate item.  Instructions on how to freeze spray roses inside of ice cubes found here.
Thanks to Jonathan Fong Style for the inspiration!
2.  Alternatives to quilt guestbook.  When I used to frequent the knot in planning a different wedding, quilt guestbooks were pretty popular.  A table would be set up at the reception with squares of fabric and special pens.  Guests would decorate the squares, which would later be sewn into a quilt by a friend or family member.  I always liked the sentiment, couldn’t see myself using the quilt for fear of messing it up, or hanging it on the wall.  Enter this idea, from one of Lara Swanson‘s brides.  Bride Rebecca’s mother sewed together pieces of fabric that were sent out to guests prior to the wedding.  It was used as a chuppah for the ceremony.  I think this is wonderful!  I’d love to hear similar ideas you may have.  
This wedding had lots of great details, and you should certainly check out all of it.
3.  Rainbow weddings!  If you had told me a few months ago that a rainbow wedding would be awesome, I would have absolutely CRINGED.  But I mean, just LOOK….
And in case you’re wondering like my fiance was, those guys are not wearing some sort of capri…. they have their pants pulled up for the photo op!  Check out this wedding, as photographed by Lauren Wright.



5 responses

16 07 2008

I also thought they were wearing manpris. Thanks for clearing that up, it is a really fun shot!

16 07 2008
Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride

I thought they were wearing britches, as in old school Mr Darcy era!

16 07 2008
Barbie Turner

that’s cool.

16 07 2008

Hey girl! Thanks for the feature. This was a SUPER fun wedding, and the bride found all sorts of ways to incorporate the rainbow theme. The ribbons around the bouquets and the boutonnieres coordinated with the sashes and socks. How fun! And yes, the did just tuck in their pants for this picture 🙂

16 07 2008

hehe they also looked like kilts to me at first glance!

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