Platinum Weddings

11 07 2008


Platinum Weddings

Platinum Weddings

Well, I watched Platinum Weddings on the WE network last night for the first time, and I have to say, I most likely won’t be doing that again.  I am completely unimpressed.  For anyone who doesn’t know, the show is about over-the-top weddings that really have no budget.  To add to the fact that these weddings lack originality, the show isn’t well-done.  It didn’t show the few details I was wondering about.  The focus is on how much money was spent.  I ordinarily love any and all wedding shows, but this one was quite the snooze.  I still sat through three episodes, hoping to find something inspiring. Instead, what I found was a total lack of creativity.  I’ve always thought that the tighter the budget, the more creative a bride has to be.  This further proved my point.  Sure, who wouldn’t love a martini bar made of ice, complete with the couple’s monogram etched into the ice?  Oh yeah, me.  All this over-the-top wedding stuff is definitely not my style.  The weddings were all very formal, and pretty standard.  I would love to have the money spent on those weddings.  One of them actually had a “budget” of $350,000.  I can’t believe someone would spend that much on a single day.  I would much rather spend it on a fabulous house, shoe collection, and car –  all three!

Anyway, if you haven’t watched this show, and were considering it, just… don’t.




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11 07 2008

I’m so with you – I love any and all wedding shows, too (at least, I thought so), but this one is just boring alternating with offensive. Oh, and Bulging Brides – not boring. Just offensive. 😛

11 07 2008

oops, my link should be to

17 08 2008

I love Platinum Weddings, they could film it much better. I hate the money emphasis on it all, with the flashing amount on the bottom of the screne. It does give some great ideas and options.

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