Silk… Tulle… Toilet Paper?!

19 09 2007

I am absolutely amazed by an email forward that I received from Wendy, my best friend.  It seems someone (the email forward doesn’t say who sponsored it) held a big contest for toilet paper wedding gowns!  We all know about the TP wedding gown contests held at bridal showers, but this is WAY beyond that.

Below are the amazing winners…

Honorable mentions:

Third Place:

Second Place:

And the AMAZING First Place: 

Thanks to Wendy for sending this my way!




2 responses

20 09 2007

They’re all really neat…muuuuch better than my lame attempt at the last shower I went to. I LOVE the 2nd and 3rd place dresses.

21 09 2007

oh wow, unbelievable! and yes, much better than my attempts at showers, too. I don’t even see how some of these would be possible. Some people have amazing talent.

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