Wedding Colors: Cranberry and Chartreuse

30 08 2007

Inspired by the beautiful Green cymbidium orchids, cranberry and chartreuse is an unexpected color combination. I picture cranberry bridesmaids gowns, lots of cymbidium orchids, and deep red roses. This isn’t quite an inspiration board, because most of the things I found were just floral arrangements. However, it’s definitely a great visual for inspiring this color scheme, first inspired by nature.

Credits, clockwise from left:

And for the crafty bride, here’s a great tutorial on making your own cymbidium orchid bouquet:

DIY Network


I’m always thinking of new ways to use green. I love that I get a raised eyebrow when I mention cranberry and chartreuse as wedding colors, but that people love it when they see it. So I love that it’s unexpected, but works so well together. I love these colors, but I probably wouldn’t use them for my own wedding. My boyfriend isn’t a fan of reds and pinks and there are so many other combos I’d rather use anyway! I still swoon when I see that bouquet I featured though!




4 responses

30 08 2007

ok, I admit I raised my eyebrow when I first read something about cranberry and chartreuse as wedding colors … but you’re right, they do look great together. Especially if you keep (or mostly keep) the chartreause limited to the floral arrangements.

5 09 2007
Gerry Rogers

Chartreuse is one of our favorite greens to use and paired with deep reds and burgundies, it is absolutely stunning! Thanks for featuring our photo!

6 05 2008

these are totally our wedding colors! its hard to find sources for inspiration outside of just floral arrangements…

11 09 2008

I am doing a similar color scheme… but with a brighter red and chartreuse. It’s going to be very summery… accents of pinks too.

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