Ring Shots

27 08 2007

As you may have noticed, I love photography. I check photographer’s blogs daily, and one of my favorite elements of modern wedding photography is Ring Shots. I love wedding rings and all that they stand for… the circle with no beginning and no end as a symbol for love, and the strength of the metal meaning that the circle can never be broken. I think that wedding rings make a powerful statement all on their own.

I could collect gorgeous ring shots all day long, but I don’t have that kind of time! Here are just a few that I love.

Shots that are taken with a printed memento from the day…

photo by Davina Fear

photo by Heather Ahrens

Shots in which the rings are seemingly placed on or in found objects…

photo by dMdC photography

photo by Erin Hession

photo by Lauren Clark

photo by Red Photo Co.

Shots in which the rings are placed on symbolic or meaningful objects…

photo by Erin Hession

photo by Turtle Pond

And finally, my favorite ring shot to date…

photo by The Image Is Found

The Image is Found has so many beautiful ring shots. I definitely declare them the King of Rings!




3 responses

27 08 2007

I also adore ring shots. I just bought a new camera that allows me to take macro shots, which produces great shots of rings!

27 08 2007

I like the lemurs.

29 08 2007

I like the first one with the memento from the day. That would be fun to have.

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