Signature Red Soles

24 08 2007

I have a not-so-mild shoe obsession. My finances don’t allow me to collect them as I’d like to, but the moment I have extra money, I immediately start trying on shoes! I plan to one day have a shoe closet full of gorgeous kicks.

One of my absolute favorite shoe designers is Christian Louboutin… second only to Jimmy Choo. (I also have favorite affordable designers, which I’ll probably blog about soon)

Christian Louboutin has loads of classic daytime shoes that I would love to own. However, he also has some wicked evening and party shoes. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love a fun shoe.

I also love when brides wear a fun, unexpected shoe on their wedding day. I know I will!

Fun Shoes

(Photos courtesy of Net-a-Porter and Saks)

One day, I WILL own a pair of the red-soled shoes!




2 responses

25 08 2007
Roberto De Las Galletas

I can’t believe you just called shoes “kicks”

29 05 2008

Nice shoes collections. I love the first one of shoes. I like to wear it in my wedding. It so high but its beautiful. I love it….

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